Establishment 21st July 1962
Opening of Suwasetha Medical Center 09th August 2001
Commencement of Susiritha Newspaper October 2003
Launching official website 11th May 2003
Opening of the new YMBA Building 1st January 2004
Opening of Thisarana English Dhamma School - In 2009
Opening of Sri Sambuddhaloka Preschool 09th August 2001
Opening of Sri Sambudhathwa Statute 04th February 2011

Donation of the land to the YMBA, Kolonnawa

Mrs. K.Perera who lives in Essex, U.K donated her land to YMBA Kolonnawa on 30th of June, 2003. The 22 perche land is situated at a prime location in Kolonnawa. The transaction of the deed was made by Mr. Jayatissa Waragoda, Attorney at Law and it was officially accepted by Mr. Saliya Wickramasinghe, the President of the YMBA (K), along with Mr. Piyadasa Solangarachchi and Mr. Thusitha Karunarathne, Vice Presidents of the Association.

Past Presidents
Mr. Buddadasa Suduwelikanda 1962 - 1964
Mr. Victor Wijesinghe 1965 -1977
Mr. D. D. Herath 1977 - 1978
Mr. P. L. Perera 1978 - 1996
Mr. Saliya Wickramasinghe From 1996 to the present

Past Secretaries
Mr. Marwin Wijesekara
Mr. Lesly Sirisena Joint Secretaries (1962 – 1968)
Mr. Kamal Gunarathna
Mr. Lesly Sirisena Joint Secretaries (1968 - 1976)
Mr. Kamal Gunarathna
Mr. K. M. Perera Joint Secretaries (1976 – 1978)
Mr. K. M. Perera 1978 - 1996
Mr. N. Gamini de Silva 1996 - 1997
Mr. Thilakarathna Pathirage 1997 - 2000
Mr. R. A. C. Ariyarathna 2000 - 2005
Mr. Kingsly Jayasooriyaa 2005 - 2007
Mr. D. Lesly Subasinghe 2007 - 2021
Mr. K. Yohan Tharaka Perera Since 2021

Past Treasurers
Mr. B. M. Wijesinghe
Mr. Mahinda Jayawardana
Mr. V. S. Liyanage 1973 - 1992
Mr. N. Sugathadasa Perera 1993 - 1996
Mr. Jayampati Perera 1996 - 1998
Mr. J. H. Sumathirathna 1999 - 2000)
Mr. Ranjith Jayasinghe 2001 - 2008
Mrs. Rupa Sirisena 2008 - 2009
Mr. Ananda Gunathilaka 2009 - 2010
Mr. J. H. Sumathirathna 2010 - 2021
Mr. Namal Madushanka Since 2021


The Young Men’s Buddhist Association, Kolonnawa has launched a wider array of projects under four main sub committees, in order to enhance and promote Education, Art, Literature, Sports and other life skills for the youth living in Kolonnawa. There are 4 ongoing long term projects under the Association: the Suwasetha Medical Center, Sambudhdhaloka Preschool, Thisarana Dhamma School and Sucharitha Newspaper. In addition to these projects the executive committee will organize short term projects to achieve the above mentioned objectives. Those projects will focus on membership development, enhance skills and knowledge of members, religious celebrations and social services.

Suwasetha Medical Centre

Suwasetha Medical Center was established on 09th of August, 2004 by Mr. Saliya Wickramasinghe, president of YMBA. This was the result of a successful project set up in August 2001, with shared capital on a 50:50 basis by the YMBA (K) and the individual members of the association.

This is the main medical center that functions in the Kolonnawa area, offering OPD Services, Specialist Channel Services, Pathological Laboratory Services, Dental Clinic, Eye Care Unit and a Pharmacy Services at a concessionary rate.

The Medical Center provides free services to Buddhist Priests, children with Special Needs and senior citizens.

Sambuddhaloka Pre-School

Early childhood is the most critical time for positive intervention. Children’s development during this stage is strongly affected by their environment, and that effect continues to exert a strong influence on the rest of their lives. Thus, as a responsible association in the society, YMBA, Kolonnawa operates a preschool for children in need at Orugodawatta, where a community of low income families resides. Presently about 100 children have been enrolled each year and they are taught and taken care by well trained qualified teaching staff from the three main communities: sinhala, tamil & muslim.

YMBA (K), with a vision to enlighten the next generation as a future investment for the well- being of society, has generously spent around Rs. 30,000.00 per month to operate and maintain this facility. Your generous support and donations are most welcome.

Thisarana English Dhamma School

The YMBA Kolonnawa commenced the English Medium Dhamma School on 10th of September, 2005, fulfilling one of the main requirements of the students in Kolonnawa who do their studies in the English medium. Currently the school provides this service to nearly 100 students, with members of the YMBA volunteering to teach in the school.

Susiritha Newspaper

The monthly newspaper of the YMBA Kolonnawa was first published in October 2003 and the circulation of the paper continued with contributions from the members. The main focus of this paper is to provide opportunities for the youth of the community who are interested in improving literacy skills and make the Kolonnawa community aware of the services and projects carried out by the YMBA. This paper is distributed among families in Kolonnawa free of charge. In 2021 YMBA Kolonnawa will launch an online newspaper, the first of its kind in Sri Lanka, that belongs to a charity organization. This will focus on improving literacy skills of students and also including notes, past papers and answers of Buddhism paper for Ordinary Level Examination and Daham Pasal Awasana Examination.

Executive Committee

President Mr. Saliya Wikramasinghe
Senior Vice President Mr. Charith Weerasinghe
Secretary Mr. K.Yohan Tharaka Perera.
Treasury Mr. B.Namal Madusanka
Vice Presidents Mr. P.A.L.Samarakoon – Education. Cultural and Sports Committee
Mr. Yasiru Achintha Naula – Membership Development Committee
Mr. Arosha Sahan Matin – Religious and Social Services Committee
Mr. Rajitha Gamage – Media Committee
Assistant Secretary Ms. Jayamini Sakunthala
Assistant Treasury Ms. Thanushika Dissanayake
Chief Organizery Mr. Menaka Sandaruwan
Assistant Treasury Ms. Thanushika Dissanayake
Chief Organizer Mr. Menaka Sandaruwan
Commitee Members · Mr. S.D. Wickramanayake · Ms. Malani Costa
· Mr. Lesli Subasinghe · Mr. Ananda Jayakodi
· Mr. K. Richad Fernando · Mr. A. Sapumana
· Mr. S.H.Wikramasinghe · Mr. N.M.T.Karunarathna
· Mr. P.C.Dayananda · Mr. Mahinda Gunarathna
· Mr. W.P.G.Jinadasaa · Mr. Layanal Perera
· Mr. Ajith Kumara · Mis. Indrani Balasooriya
· Ms. Bandula Paranawithana · Mr. S.D.Somarathna
· Mr. G.G.S.Elapatha · Ms. Ushanthi Perera
· Mr. Wasantha Jayasinghe · Mr. W. W.A. Karunarathne
· Mr. Samsan Jayaweera · Mr. Rajitha Mudugamuwa
· Ms. Iwani Abewardana · Mr.Lahiru Gayashan Mudugamuwa
· Mr. Vini Thalahitiya · Mr. K.Ashitha Hirushan Perera
· Ms. Rupa Sirisena · Mr. Kasun Tharaka Ranasinghe
· Ms. Padmini Kannangara · Mr. Chamath Kanchana Dissanayake
· Ms. Indrani Dasanayake

Y.M.B.A. Kolonnawa
470, Kolonnawa Road
Sri lanka.

Telephone Number

+94 11 2532153



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